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Susanna – The Vampire Lyrics

The Vampire By Susanna

You came like the blade of a dagger
To my heart that was humbled and sad,
As bold as a pack of wild demons,
Dressed up for a pageant, and mad;

You made in my mortified spirit
Your bed and your private domain,
-You monster to whom I am shackled
As the convict is to his chain,

As the drunkard is to his bottle,
As the gambler is to his game,
As the vermin are to a carcass,
-Accursed, accursed be your name!

I prayed for the sword to come swiftly
With the blow that would render me free,
And I asked if perfidious poison
Could succour a coward like me.

But alas, both the sword and the poison
Gave answer and said with disdain:
“Base slave, you are deeply unworthy
That we ever should shatter your chain;

You fool, if our efforts could grant you
The freedom from her that you crave,
Your kisses would soon give new life to
The corpse of your vampire-love!”