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Omar Apollo – Kamikaze Lyrics

Kamikaze By Omar Apollo

For what? (x6)

Got someone to cover me I work the late shift
drive through Georgia 19 hours on vacation
I aint never left the state man I been waiting
and that pretty boy still hit me up on strange occasions

We was kids and we was younger
I stop to wonder, I’m naive but I remember
rain drop december
I’ve been wondering if you’d call me, move like tsunamis
now we’re strangers in this lobby like Kamikaze

I aint really know you was freaky though
Ass round like cheerios
And you got a lil’ vimeo
What’s the password you just froze
Dont you got enough material
Say you gotta go vamonos
And I told you just leave me alone
Yeah, I told you just leave me alone

Artist Quick Bio:
Singer and guitarist whose career first gained traction online with the release of tracks like “UGOTME,” Brakelights” and “Beauty Boy.” His debut EP, Stereo, was released in May 2018.