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Fivio Foreign, 24kGoldn, Mulatto & Calboy – XXL Freshmen 2020 Cypher – Part 3 Lyrics

XXL Freshmen 2020 Cypher – Part 3 By Fivio Foreign, 24kGoldn, Mulatto & Calboy

Oh Lord, Jetson made another one
Viral, baow, ooh, yeah
Viral, yeah, uh

Growin’ up, my favorite rapper was Gucci
I feel like that say it all (Uh)
I got a bag and pay for my sister’s tuition
I paid it off, I’ma boss (Ooh) on my ex nigga, laid him off
If I rap it, I wrote it, I make the calls
Who else do you know that came from a TV show
Turned down a deal and still taking off? Hm (Uh)
Real gutter, bitch, I’m from Clayco’
Birkin so big, fit the Draco (Baow)
Bitch better find her somebody to play with
‘Fore I get her tucked like some Play-Doh, huh (Uh)
I make him slurp me, alfredo, huh
He eat me out in a raincoat (Uh)
Pussy like lean, I put him to sleep
He say, “Your shit cut with that K-Roll” (Uh)
I don’t gotta rap about sex
But this shit way too good not to brag on (Uh)
I ain’t even fuck a rap nigga yet
But if Fivio want to, then I ain’t gon’ pass on him (Uh)
Yeah, bitch, I get my MAC on
He ain’t trickin’, I skip him like bad songs
I drip-dropped a hundred on jewelry during a pandemic
Yeah, my money that long (Baow)
I donated too, so don’t mock me
They like outside of rap, what’s your hobby? (Uh)
Is shittin’ on bitches a hobby? (What?)
Insecure bitch that make her nigga block me (What?)
We sixty-nine, no Tekashi
Difference is he better not go tell nobody
I was just watching this cypher last year now
Look at me now, only God can stop me (Grr, baow)

Hey, outta control, I’m doing shows
In quarantine over the FaceTime (Uh)
She wanna rock, I wanna roll
Over, she’s over the dateline (Uh)
Dropped out of college, but I’m still a freshman
I’m ’bout to blow up in every direction
I need to know if we share a connection or not
‘Cause then I’m just stirring the pot (Uh)
I got it hot (Hot), niggas is talkin’ a lot
But don’t really talk when they flop (Baow)
I got a mop to clean up the mess
That they made on my way to the tippity-top (Grr), bippity-bop
Supercalifragilistic expeditious, spin off the block (Uh)
I got a plaque, I sold rockets, I’m up on my best
So just wait ’til you see me do pop, oh
Got your girl TikTok’ing to my shit (Yeah)
I see Fivio in the cut (Yeah)
Woo-walkin’ (Yeah) in this bitch (Uh)
I see Cal’ gettin’ wild, see this style too legit
And Mulatto, she a queen
Put a crown on that head, hey (Uh)
I don’t want fans, I want stans
Tattoo my name on your neck so it last
I don’t do free, need a fee
Somethin’ to tuck in these bell bottom jeans (Uh)
You know I’m too legit to quit, we do this everyday
From L.A. to the Bay, you know we never play

Look, uh, all this ice on
I gotta roll with the Python (Brr)
Uh, shooter, shootin’
Whatever he laying his sights on (Baow, baow)
They gotta turn up to my songs
Big flex, right arm
Big flex, bright arm
I got different type of Nikes on
And I’m not a liar, uh
And I don’t get tired, uh
I got hitmans for sale (Huh)
Uh, and I’m lookin’ for a buyer (Huh), look
I see a opp and it’s quiet (Movie)
I see a opp and it’s quiet, look
He wanna get lit, I set him on fire
Wanna set lit, I set him on fire
Feds snitchin’, talkin’ through the wire
We find who you is, we figure you out
We make you retire, look, uh
Word to my mama
I sleep with the .40 tucked in my pajamas, look, uh
Run up on me and I’ma go bonkers, look, uh
I make it hot, sauna, little mami, I am not on ya’
You fucked up, you fucked me, that is not karma, look
I put the Glocks on you
Sendin’ shots, those is not warnings, uh
I am the top foreign
State to state and I was not tourin’, look
I sit in the seat, look
And I catch it if she throw it to me
They fallin’ asleep
But I’d never let them fumble the dream
Uh, yeah
And I’d never let them humble the team, look
And that’s comin’ from me
I call the movers and they comin’ at three, grr, baow

Ayy, uh, yeah, ayy, ayy
I ain’t been getting no sleep
‘Cause, nigga, I’m trapping a lot (Uh), ayy
No, I’m not talking about Polo
But niggas be capping a lot (Uh), ayy
I gotta rattle with that Nina
‘Cause niggas be yapping a lot (Baow), ayy
I got some aim with that glizzy
I blew his lil’ cap off his top (Grr), for real
I got some bridges like down in the cage
I know some boys from the sandbox
Prolly won’t see them boys ’til the grave (Uh)
I got some secrets we kept in the streets
Prolly gotta take that to the grave (Uh)
Most of my niggas, we came up from nothin’
But trappin’, bitch, we had it made, for real (Real)
Ain’t Cal the Wild, ain’t bring no lyrics with ’em (Uh)
But them niggas with ’em
Cal the Wild ain’t move no muscle, shorty
Bet them niggas get ’em
Uncle Westly taught me how to trap, so I’d roll bigger than ’em
Everyday I’m on finessin’ shit in some different denim
I had problems with my demons, shorty, I been feelin’ bitter
I had problems with my feelings, shorty, I ain’t feelin’ better
Fell in love, this bitch, she trap, she try to dog me like a kennel
If he disrespect the squad, that’s on Jawad, we gotta kill ’em

Baow, we gotta kill ’em
2020 Freshman, gang, haha, grr
You got it, gang
Baow, uh
Yeah, 2020 Freshman
This the best one, baow