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NLE Choppa, Rod Wave, Lil Tjay and Chika – 2020 XXL Freshman Cypher Lyrics

XXL Freshmen 2020 Cypher – Pt. 2 By Rod Wave, NLE Choppa, Lil Tjay & CHIKA

Oh Lord, Jetson made another one

Grew up around the killin’
And all the dealin’ and all the drillin’
I just be puttin’ my heart in all of my songs
I make sure y’all niggas feel it
That nigga he ratted, we cut at his tongue
Look like paintballs when we hit him
Lord, forgive me, I’m a sinner and a winner
Rocking Chinchilla, eating that dinner
Know where he lay and we know where he stay
Wet the whole house up if he play
Fuck that ho, she told what I said
I don’t need no mouse hole in my face
Run from the jakes, so much next time
I see ’em, I might dump this K
Slap on that wrist, they gave me probation
But a nigga prayed I beat that case
Give me the blunt and you know I’ma face it
Eyes real low and I look like an Asian
Pour up a four when I move in the Matrix
Shoot a movie on your block, X-rated
I’m sippin’ on Wock’
Boats I’m selling, I’m getting ’em off
Boats I’m selling, I’m getting ’em off
And fuck what you said, we getting them chalked


I had to push it to start it
I had to grind for it
Bank out with Benz and lines for it
Putting the load over Tom Ford
Now I feel like I shine for it
Brand new coupe go too fast
New backend ran through dat
Niggas tryna see how he do that
‘Member I was broke
I ain’t had nothin’, kicked out of the house
Livin’ with my cousin, bank account
Car start runnin’, problems kept comin’
Mama kept praying
Praying God, got a baby, it’s crazy
One apartment, four niggas
Air mattress got a hole in it, uh
‘Member on that rapping I was with the trapping
On the block with Bach tryna make it happen
On the block with Black waiting for some acts
Taking steps forward and gettin’ pushed backwards
I remember, nigga
All them cold Decembers, nigga
I can’t believe that I’m finally winnin’, nigga, grrra


I’m here for the moment
Feel like the GOAT with the sauce of a poet, pause
Young nigga feel like she know it all
Built for this shit, I’ma show it off
Got you all expect to ever find, yeah
Double XL, do it live, catch a little smile
But if I’m being honest, I promise if I’ma do it
I’d rather slow down, listen to it and gather ’round, look
Do I have a story? I tell about glory
A nigga defeatin’ the odds
Got used to a budget but now I say fuck it
In stores I don’t care what it cost
I gotta admit it, I never envisioned
The life where I wasn’t a boss
I think of my ex in a level of stress
He be feeling a hell of a loss
I’m in no position to floss
I’m in no position to plead
I knew I was running the course
But damn it, I’m takin’ the lead
I’m coming from sweeping the floors
To rolling the blunt with the leaves
When they put my name on the board
Make sure it’s in permanent ink, look
I been on my grind since midnight
Made the game my child, no midwife
I am not surprised that this life
Everything I rhyme is hit type, yeah
Everything I rhyme is hit type
Got a itty bitty bark, but a pit bite
When they play it on tour, when I look out on the floor
‘Cause I’m more, guaranteed to get the peer hyped

Uh, uh, uh, uh

Yeah, I put a three-five in the wood to blow this pain away
Young nigga really made it out the hood, I got through them rainy days
I still got some real niggas in the cell, they sent the whole gang away
Guess I’m a real nigga from the start, I guess I was trained this way, trained this way
New Audemars, I got it rose
Finna cop-out on the Rolls
I done seen so much
So, so much shits, I’m paying toll
So I be smokin’ all that dope
It kinda how my demons show
Sometimes I be feelin’ low
Sometimes I be feelin’ low, ayy
They tryna get my nigga 25
They chargin’ him with homicide
Like free all the guys, free all my guys tryna fill on guards
Just try to OD on my guys
Blow your fee, I drop forty on the guys
All attention’s on me and the guys
Finna see, I wanna see all the guys, yeah

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