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Curren$y & Harry Fraud – 180 Days Lyrics

180 Days By Curren$y & Harry Fraud

Yeah yeah yeah
(La Musica de Harry Fraud)
La la la la la

Keep the E in it
Chevys on switches we smoking weed in it
Don’t post me in your pictures
If you could keep a secret then we could always kick it

This what they fuckin’ with me for in the first place
Documented my rise represented my birthplace
My home boys buy me muscle cars on my birthday
My homeboys steamroll probably before I know they in the way
My bitch in the tub she got your bitch feeding her grapes
I’m watching Carlito’s Way
Your friend since the 4th grade got you on tape
Caught up they threaten the throne behind the gates
If he didn’t cooperate
He handed you over that day on the silver plate to escape
Total disgrace we don’t do things that way
Ordered the Wraith its handmade takes 180 days
You want it to happen overnight, you having a bad dream
When you wake up mty team beat, and fled the scene
With all the cream that’s right British racing green
On my latest foreign machine seat color look real close to tangerine peels
Soldier told ya what happens to fakes in the field
I’ll pour out a whole bottle for my partner hes that real
Eastside at all time still
Chevrolet on three wheels at the red light standing still
Reputation on stainless steel

Won awards
Andretti and fraud gold bars all we got