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Curren$y & Harry Fraud – News On Mute Lyrics

News On Mute By Curren$y & Harry Fraud

Keep the E in it
Chevys on switches we smoking weed in it
Don’t post me in your pictures

(La Musica de Harry Fraud)

Just as quick as we arrive we slide
Wraith doors open while its in drive
It look like it could fly
Drop shorty off at a photo shoot for Levis
I told her I was proud of her, kissed her on each eye
Rolled her two joints she could smoke during break time
Pretty bitch getting paid and high that’s what I like
Off to the studio forever pressing the line
Them rolexes don’t buy themselves my guy
Put the grind down fight tooth and nail
No matter who you think you with
You all alone in this shit
Smoke the whole zone fore I dip
I sent my homegirl uptown to grab the 100 piece wings from Skip
Bring it to the lab now it’s like a strip club
But I’m making rap
Visions in attendance
I Did my work and then I skurrr
Scoop shorty up I dropped her off at the beginning of the verse
The shoot was a success she was networking
She told me who she met, very important person
She get her own 10 on me by buying purses
After a few instagram posts them hoes worthless
Andretti sounding like himself you getting nervous
Order through the bluetooth lowrider swerving
Gracefully thru the lane Dr Julius Irving
Kush away the pain listening to the rain
Got the news on mute I already know what they saying