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Curren$y & Harry Fraud – Vintage Haze Lyrics

Vintage Haze By Curren$y & Harry Fraud

(La Musica de Harry Fraud)

I got my money line with me
I left my talk the bitches falling on the boat tomorrow morning
Now go get it baby girl
Miss me, gotta woman up, and deal with it
In my absence she learn to understand a real nigga
Another case of motherfuckers soaking up the game too late to show the world what they really learn from it
Star chasing in that Wraith followed by the covenant
Lighting followed by thundering
We dropped that OutRunners and they noticed that there wasn’t hunger here
I’m trying to buy a bigger home this year
Put some more moves in gear
Smoking vintage haze in this new age got my vision crystal clear
See them huddled up talking shit about us a thousand miles from here
I could get drunk with power and make em all disappear
Work for hire the laundromat the dollars stashing like Jimmy Hoffa
When the Covid hit my New York chick bought us tickets to the opera

Keep the E in it
Chevys on switches we smoking weed in it
Don’t post me in your pictures
If you can keep a secret we can always kick it

Marble floors in the trap
Juice by the magazine
Let her stay the night hit it twice here’s a tangerine
Looking for an art dealer buying shit a hoe value
Watering my plants with alkaline got to keep it classy
Gotta keep the watch factory bitch you know what time it is
I like a girl low key but still know how to handle biz
Love I’m not a babysitter I be on some boss shit
Buildings, houses, money, I’m having shit
Looking at my watch is like looking at a view
Birds amazed how I knocked this little bitch with a view
No sir, can’t fuck with it man you niggas different
Got a little bitch in Seattle she like to cook me dinners
Fingerprinted safe out the way with surveillance sentence
Million dollar policy on that in case a nigga slip
Off top take your time with it make that shit count
Fell in love with the challenge never did it for the clout

Numbers ay ay ay ay ay ay
Man eeeee
Jet life tfn
Harry fraud what’s happening