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Moneybagg Yo & Blac Youngsta – New Chain Lyrics

New Chain By Moneybagg Yo & Blac Youngsta

(Ayy, Southside, where’d you get all that drip?)

New chain on chill but I’m hot as two suns
Protecting the brand, I went bought some more guns
Roll up some shit, look like elephants thumbs
[?] watch on my arm
Bitches gon’ milk ’cause I’m lit like a candle
I’m never lacking, getting head with my hammer
Ain’t used to nothing, she thought Chanel was channel
When I record, she show out for the camera
But down the Cartier, plain jane the Hublot
One bitch that’s uno with me in this two-door
Stars in the Lambo’, I done went pluto
Me and this money a dynamic duo
Slam on an opp, hit his ass with the suplex
Live in a condo and trap out the duplex
Ice on my collar, can’t tell this a crewneck
Walk in the spot, all the hoes holler, “Who that?”
I did a feature, they pay with biscotti
Used to be OG but now it’s exotic
No [?] but my strap in the party
They pray for my ending but I just got started
Gated my house, you can’t find it on Zillo
Can’t go to sleep broke, couple million my pillow
Knock off an opp then I fuck on his widow
Then catch me a flight, turn to Lil Jon and get low
I go ham, but no pork [?]
Took a jet from LA to New York
Know I’m lit but I’m just heating up
It’s way too early to be passing a torch
I turned the condo to a trap spot
Let a nigga take my chain, I bet not
Already too late if you see that red dot

Protecting the brand, I just bought some new Glocks
Coronavirus, they went outta stock
I give my shooters high price for your top
Guarantee one day your body gon’ drop
Guarantee one day them bitches gon’ hate on me
Guarantee this the day they gon’ get caught
I put that AK right there in your face
You know when it’s a robber, you can’t move a lot
Walk in the spot, all the rappers, they get back
I’m the same niggas they call for they shit back
I make my bitches break down like a kit kat
You want that smoke but you know you not with that
I might work out on your bitch like a six pack
Flooded my heavy [?] baguette
I’m not the typical nigga you forsee
You not the typical bitch I would hush for
Gotta let you know you playin’ with a don
I put that Cartier watch on my arm
I done did so much dirt under the sun
I done did so much good shit for my mom
Rich nigga flow, come from the slums
I shoot my opps, I don’t spot out then run
I got a bitch out in Cali’, she blond
I spend my money with shine so I won

Hundreds on choppers, the meanest of throwback
[?] Miami, I’m freeing Lil Kodak
Bool on the Lamb’ [?]
I’m having Zoom calls back of the Maybach
If it ain’t ’bout millions then maybe it’s [?]
[?] nigga thinking it’s cool
No fucks she be tolerating in the crew
And we don’t make Worldstar, we make the news
And everything mafia
And everything profitable
I don’t see nothing from stopping us
My bitch want a Birkin, I’m copping ’em
Lil’ dawg want a body, he dropping ’em
Baguettey the chain, make it look different
Bust down the Richard to rock in the kitchen
Give ’em a stack to clean up the dishes
Don’t talk on the phone, we know that they listening
The trap been producing a hundred a day
Bag been charging a hundred a day
Youngsta gon’ keep a hundred in the K
Another hundred on the way
Fishscale, every nigga with me get a plate for real
Every nigga with me sell weight still
Every nigga with me go ape for real
I’ma teach you how to work that Drac’ for real
Like how you make that ass shake for real
I’ma fuck in the front of that Wraith for real
Your boyfriend an opp, but you safe for real

Got a new chain and that bitch come from [?]
He got a Rollie, he just beat a body
You know it ain’t my shit if it ain’t exotic
She wanna kick it, I don’t do karate
I’m like lil’ shawty, I’m feeling your body
Bought her a Cuban, the pendant say Gotti