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CoachDaGhost & 22Gz – Movie Lyrics

Movie By CoachDaGhost & 22Gz

Just look at the sauce when I drip
I feel like a boss in this bitch
Make a move and I’m tossing the clip
I’m here to just show you that I will not miss
A lot of opps getting hit
But I won’t tell the cops shhh
We gon’ keep getting rich
And that’s the reason that they sick

When I’m in the bush it’s action I tap in with 22
How you know?
You treesh wanna slide for the slappings
You know what the henny do
treesha, she asked me if she can bring friends I told her bring plenty through
Twirl, twirl
I do not hang out with many [?] that’s what the [?] do
I hit up ghost and the choose they snuck hella semis through
Gang in the spot hella shit can get bent moving friendly too
Bending with the snipers and blixkys all of them extended too
If he ain’t dead we gonna reverse the whip leave his head in two
Movie, I’m a rapper but still keep a toolie
Groupies (shine) they be all on my body like new sheets
Don’t get clapped and your lobby will turn into a homie this situation can get spooky
They confuse me
But I’m strapped so you can better stand two feet
Two V’s, Two V’s, Scrr
Folks chill in my whip with a uzi
Open his mayya we gonna shoot that boy out of his kazoobies
Gooey, ask around we spank bodies like boosie. unruly
She a treesh let me play with the coochie
Let me know cause I’m ready to crash out
Catch a body next morning then cash out
Took ya bitch then we spin to the trap house
Won’t be long til I’m blowing her back out
Go get this money what I’m finna do
I can’t complain I’m with the winning crew
A couple people say I changed because I got change they like what got into you
I don’t never shoot unless it’s close range two chops they’re identical
The rake drops does a face shot mama love crying at your funeral
Baba treesh and she trying to get slapped out
See a opp and I’m feening to spazz out
You the type to freeze up when I back out
Running your drip it ain’t no need to map out
Put a bullet in his brain so much in the blicky I ain’t gotta aim
Opps sides I’m with the gang
Catch a nigga slipping that’s another stain
Duck for cover when we spinning through
Hittas in the van trynna clip him too
Screaming long live Nick Blixk showing no remorse when we’ve been in through
I knew I would make it I been the truth
I only freestyle when I’m in the booth
If you broke that is sad there is no excuse
That’s thirty thousand when I talk to you
So watch who you’ talking to
your chain, your watch, affordable
I don’t gotta call a truth
My choses is with me and they all can shoot
Whenever it’s war time
They be right at your door like a floor sign
I’m a star but I’m still the coach
I made it, it’s litty we all shine
I rather get caught I’ma toss mine
I might just pull up with four nines
I demand my respect I don’t draw lines
Catching bodies on my off time (shine)
They know it’s about to get critical
Mines mad but they know how to git a few
One minute they wasn’t physical then they tried and died spiritual
They tell lie in their rhymes it’s pitiful
I’ma ride for my side better get a clue
How you know that it’s coach and TuTu and we both will shoot you, anybody can get it too

Poor now, Rich later (how you know)
Show that
ra ra ra ra