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Brandy Clark – Same Devil Lyrics

Same Devil Lyrics By Brandy Clark

There’s a guy sellin’ baggies by a telephone pole
To a dime bag girl who’s gonna sell her soul
On a corner, round the corner from where her mama sits
Waitin’ on a call she hopes she never gets

And there’s a boy by a locker white knuckles his bag
Hopin’ that bully picks that other fag
Hidin’ in the closet playin’ pretend
For a sunday mornin’ sermon daddy preaching’ on a sin

Same train
Different track
Different mama
Same heart attack
Same bullet
Different gun
Different cross
Same son
Same hell
Different levels
Different demons
Same devil

There’s a suit wearin’ snake with a million dollar smile
Shaking’ hands with a rat just across the aisle
You voted for the snake and i voted for the rat
They’re rollin’ in the dough we’re fightin’ for scraps

Same crazy
Different brain
Different drug
Same vein
Same bottle
Different proof
Different lie
Same old truth
Everybody got some kind of hell
Just different levels
Different demons
Same devil

He don’t knock he walks right in
And if you’re not watchin’ you’ll run right into him

Same wrong
Different right
Different tunnel
Same bright light
Everybody lookin’ for god on every level
Different demons
Same damn devil

About song:
“‘Same Devil’ is about how we all have different paths, different problems, different addictions, different beliefs that all take us to the same exact places. I really was drawn to the dark and raw quality of the idea. What Brandi Carlile brought to the song production wise and then vocally made it take on an even darker and deeper tone. It feels explosive to me.” – Via Brandy Clark’s YouTube Channel