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Savannah Dexter – The Swamp Lyrics

The Swamp Lyrics By Savannah Dexter

Fuck apologies, what I am’s an anomaly
Sunshine state, hell raisin’, ain’t nobody hot as me
Bitches got my they’re mouth thinkin’ it bothers me
Say I’m just a body, well name a bitch that can body me
Speakin’ honestly, basic bitches are gossipy
Actin’ like they hate me when all they want is comradery
Put some makeup on see me cosmetology
But I see right through the fake shit, optometry
Undefeated, cosign, don’t need it
If I tell you I fuck with you it’s ’cause I fuckin’ mean it
Them bitches wanted war but they retreated
I raised hell, they delete it
Try to check me, I check your balances
Hit you where it hurts [?] and laugh about the damages
Got a squad of supporters that’ll dismantle shit
I love them all, hashtag savages
It’s time to put the Church rumors to rest
He’s with a beautiful woman, he deserves respect
And that’s that on that
People love to stir shit up ’til shit hits back
I’m a different breed than you bitches
They dig in deep in my business
They wanna see me diminish
The jealousy is so endless
Roll the dice and keep speakin’ about me senseless
‘Til they find your ass sleepin’ with fishes, bitches
Welcome to the swamp

[Verse 2: Brabo Gator]
Guess who’s back, I ain’t got shit to lose
[?] cockpit in this B52
Redhead hoe you’re too broke for me to mention you
I’d rather bleed you out and let you scab before I pick at you (Gator)
This motherfuckin’ mention is sad
Thinkin’ this aligator won’t come out and get in his ass
Always talkin’ shit but quick to throw a brick in his dash
I was more of a man than you when I was six and a half
Gotta teach you a lesson, you were pressin’ your luck
I’m a career individual, I can’t stress it enough
It’s impressive how your music all impressively sucks
Your fuckin’ fan base couldn’t fill the bed of my truck
Started goin’ through your numbers they depressin’ as fuck
They look good but there’s a couple things that’s ampin’ it up
If I take away all them colabs you cut
Your streamin’ revenue would calculate to less than a buck
You [?] all of them an apology
I’m murderin’ a zombie ’cause Adam and Church bodied you
You got a heart of a cock-a-too
When everyone was gettin’ at you I felt bad and got with you
Like when Justin had you deep in that hole
I helped you get out, I got a soft spot for people that’s slow
And by slow I mean dumb ass dumb
Got hit with a skill shot and still thinks he won
This ain’t my kill shot, this a half ass slap
You through your shots on Instagram, I’m throwin’ my shots back
[?] before I lose my cool and really go in
You can’t spare this, go hush and don’t discuss it again
‘Cause if I ever have to come back to it I’ll have Art and Simba hittin’ pause after every bar when they react to it
Now leave it alone, you find yourself in gator water you ain’t makin’ it home, bitch
Welcome to the swamp