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Action Bronson – C12H16N2 Lyrics

C12H16N2 Lyrics By Action Bronson

Young Baklava
Yo, pass me the rolling pin

Why’s everybody face look strange (Why?)
I think I ate the whole sheet
I’ll see you in a couple days if that’s the case
Green jaguars running through the jungle tryna catch the snake (Uh)
I mashed the gas and almost wrapped the 8 (Uh)
The Devil came to me and said I had to race (Ah)
The finish line was a cliff
And man, your boy ain’t no stiff, I get it crackin’ baby (Know that)
So I pushed it to the motherfuckin’ limit (Uh)
Told my people I’ma see them in a motherfuckin’ minute
For years I been handing out charity (Yeah)
That’s just the dad in me (That’s me)
Laser gun come with the battery (Uh)
Every time you see me, you know that I’m just coming back from somewhere (Somewhere)
But I’m so New York my white tee still say ‘Sunwear’ (Sunwear)
Shot the arrow, only missed ’em by a cunt hair
Come here, put this blunt in the air (Uh-huh)
These motherfuckers want us under the stairs (Under them)
I’m just tryna be at the top of the mountain
Holding my son in the air
Understand me? (Yeah)

Author (Author)
Singer (Dancer)
Dancer (Me)
Exotic olive oil taster

The earth is cubed like one dice (Aight)
Know we all started from the bottom like young rice (Ooh)
Inhale the hash inside my lung twice, take flight (Uh)
Head towards the sun and make a right into the night (Right there)
3pm at Lincoln Center (Uh-huh)
I got to see a screening of The Irishman
You know your boy was in it (It’s me)
You know I represented (It’s me)
The afterparty at the Tavern on the Green
And you know I’m wearing white linen (Uh)
Damn, I’m using machismo (Ay)
Yeah, I’ll stand still for five minutes
So you can paint me looking diesel (Bad guy)
Behind me, the double-headed eagle (Bang, bang)
Papi, there’s no sequel (No)
Getting top inside the home theater (On top)
I got older and I realize there was no heroes (No heroes)
Don’t even talk to me unless you talkin’ more zeros (Uh)
At the end of the offer (Uh)
Until then, I’ll be here with my friends just getting sauced up (Saucy)

Young money
Bam bam Baklavizzy
Pop the klizzy (Please)
We out here (You know it’s him)
Only for Dolphins
You know it’s me (Bing, bing, bing)

Author (Swing, swing, swing)
Dancer (Doctor)
Exotic olive oil taster (Chiropractor)
It’s me, baby!