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Action Bronson – Capoeira Lyrics

Capoeira Lyrics By Action Bronson

(Call Mehico I need a saxophone solo)
Yeah, yeah turn me up a little, daddy
I can’t hear myself, Lordy
Baklava (Charming)
You know it’s him (Prince Charming)
Only for dolphins, once again (Uh)

Congratulations, they just cast Baklava in Rambo (Yeah)
Heard how your boy was off the handles (Uh-huh)
And that was just a sample (Little bit)
All black Cherokee ’cause I can’t fit this body in the Lambo (Come on, man)
All this marble got me feelin’ like a Roman (Uh-huh)
Pacific Ocean to put my toes in (Uh)
Smokin’ green slime like Nickelodeon (Ah)
All white standin’ at the podium, you know it’s him (Ah!)
I throw dice with the Tommy John elbow (Ah!)
Next week I’ll probably parmesan a sailboat (Yeah)
Drive the Hummer on the railroad (Yeah)
My drugs are waitin’ for me in the mailroom
(Hell motherfuckin’ yeah, man, that’s what it is, ah yeah)

Power bomb ’em through the dinner table (Uh)
It sound like a moose hit a Winnebago (Shit)
(Uh, I’m back, yeah, I’m back, I’m back, ah)
I’m a man amongst boys (Uh-huh)
Your Jeep comes with the booster seat (Bitch)
Shootin’ puppy water all over your sheets
I’m jumpin’ in jacuzzis 12 feet deep with 12 freaks (Uh-huh)
Safe to say my life’s on fleek (Uh)
No smoke and mirrors (Uh)
Just models snortin’ coke off mirrors
Talkin’ ’bout, “Do Domino’s deliver?” (You know they fuckin’ do)
Bitches throw up in jar and hide it in the closet (Uh-huh)
But that shit ain’t happenin’ at my crib (Nuh-uh)
Gotta finish dinner if you want desert (True)
And if you wanna fuck Ernie (Uh-huh)
You gotta fuck Bert (Uh-huh)
I’m in the Beemer bumpin’ Gerald Levert
Ya heard? (Ya heard?), huh
Ya heard? (Ya heard?), ha
Yeah, yeah, Only for Dolphins, baby, I told you
El Blanco