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Action Bronson – Cliff Hanger Lyrics

Cliff Hanger Lyrics By Action Bronson

Young swinger
Young Gary Sheffield
Queens shit
Flushing to be exact
Young captain
Young everything
It’s me bitch

Stuck in the maze, switch my face up like Nicolas Cage’s
Switch up the plates before them cowards catch a gaze
I’m in the shower with my Latin maid
That ass is hot you could crack an egg and cook it
She told me, shake my dick, I shook it
She wasn’t even looking
She was locked in watching “Vampire in Brooklyn”
Eddie Murphy with the long hair
Well, I prefer “Trading Places”
Shit, I might have landed a role in the new “Matrix”
Cop the blue spaceship
Just stay the fuck from ’round my essence if you got two faces
I’m fired up like an old-school basehead
From Mill Basin
86′ shit, I can still taste it
I lost my house on the Raiders
And those fucking Lakers
They tackled Bo at the 30 and did me dirty
Elbow injury for Magic
Ankle injury for Worthy
I’m in that black 850 twirling
With the all brown shearling on
Earl the Pearl jersey, my mind got murder on it
Dudes be emotional bitches
I float in the 6 and if I want I could put like 20 keys of coke on my wrist
You know the kid, one hand hang off the cliff
Like I’m Sly Stallone
I’d rather die alone than live around you motherfuckin’ cowards

It’s true
It’s true
It’s true
It’s true
It’s true
It’s true
It’s true
It’s true
It’s true