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Action Bronson – Vega Lyrics

Vega Lyrics By Action Bronson

Crashed my shit, send myself straight through the window (Uhh)
The lead actor in my story, Delroy Lindo (Uhh)
Hash got me spinning like a hula hoop
Couple noodles loose from the chicken noodle soup, ahh
Hanging out the Porsche with the cape on
I’m the type of stallion you wanna put your cake on
What you doing? Man I’m laying by the lake
Drinking napalm, ready to turn a motherfucker to steak-umm
Carve a thousand roses in the Draco (Uh-huh)
Stupid (Uh-huh)

As I jump from the Alfa Romeo
Like I was sky diving
Talking ’bout how I’m out my mind, that’s from the sidelines though (Hoe)
I’m out your range, hoe (Hoe)
Elmer Fudd shotgun shells fly out the gauge, hoe
Disintegrate your facial (Hoe)
Motherfuckers owe me some Rolexes (I need ’em)
Motherfuckers owe me some planes (Lemme get that)
For letting these suckas live in my lane (Uh-uh)
Someone owes me a dinner table (Uh-huh)
Just make sure it fits twenty hash pipes, pop
You know the vibes family (Yeah)
I do a tumble out the Hummer and throw a knife right through your eye cavity
I’m recognized as a standup guy by five families
That means I’ll take it to the gravel
My alibi for the police is I was naked in Seattle I was)
Million dollar calls while I’m shitting
I close the deal, that’s what I call pimpin’ (Pimpin’)
Shoes on my feet, that’s called pippin