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Andy Mineo – Jackson Pollock Lyrics

Jackson Pollock Lyrics By Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo

Okay, where should I begin?
It’s dark outside, it’s ominous
When I had no dough, ate ramen with
A whole lotta Ritz, now I’m convinced
That I’m content, but I gotta get
A whole lot ‘fore my time is spent
And I’m diving in where the psalm is writ
I’m feeling myself like Madonna did
Quarantine when the virus hit
I’m like, where did my commas went?
Gotta hide out like Osama crib
That spring break kid with no common sense
Therapy for the trauma lived
Dawg, that’s where all of my dollars spent!
That’s Miner League the E-N-T
And I ain’t talkin’ sinuses
I don’t make threats, I make promises
And I don’t BowFlex on accomplishments
Man, right now that’s what time it is
And I’m climbin’ sorta like climate is
Or a pilot that just did two lines of
Blow inside of the private jet
And the thing go “pyoom”
Never Land II gotta drop that soon
Runnin’ on fume
I ain’t gassed up, I’m confident
I ain’t gassed up, look what I’m driving in
It’s electric, can’t buy Tesla
Well, not yet, but it’s on my checklist
We order that, yeah, I’m investin’
Waiting for my come in, try me man
Patience, that’s what the lesson
They salty like Epsom, they don’t like me
But they gotta respect ’em
‘Fore I leave I’ma leave an impression
R-I-P to the beat, I stretched it out
Don’t smoke weed, but I’m extra loud
Me and wifey bought an extra house
Just in case I wanna exit out
Money don’t grow on trees, but it grow on me
‘Cause I go throw seed in the ground, yeah, huh
Everybody talkin’ ’bout they YOLO living, don’t know what go with it
Don’t happen automatic, gotta get up, go get it
Miner League Co in it, don’t ya see the code in it
I’m so cold with it, so prolific
When it come to the flow, I’m Pro Bowl with it
Gon’ respect my name, cinco ocho with it
Every single one of my bars got a gold ticket
Yeah, woo, yeah, woo, yeah
No, I’m not finished, just started
Nonna told me, go mangia
Feel like Mike Vick with the option
Y’all send blitz, I’m gettin’ outta pocket
Yeah, I’ll trend pick, I’m pickin’ my flowers
Y’all been gettin’ sour
Y’all blend with the cowards
But I’m right back in it, no, I can’t lose
Can’t walk in ’em or tie my shoes
Already know what side I choose
What’s that I hear? Sideline boos?
Y’all ain’t even the game like put me in coach
Takin’ shots but I’m Dikembe
Then do my dance in the endzone

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