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The Hunna – One Hell Of A Gory Story… Lyrics

One Hell Of A Gory Story… By The Hunna

As despair filled the air
And a think black shadow haunts the sky
The ‘get it’ boys look on and hear old dreams cry
Facing a damn dirty villain possessed by bloodlust and greed
And all other trinkets that our world now needs
Secretly operating in a lawless state
The people start to wonder ‘Has it always been this way? ‘
‘Has our home always been so full of hate? ‘ Fuck
Fire rises from below
Leaving the land scorched, covered in ash like snow
Fighting demons of the present, the future and past
Our heroes hold hope that the wrong will be unmasked
I don’t think y’all are ready, this is gonna be gory
Will the ‘get it’ boys survive this Hunna horror story