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NBG Dook – Mr. Matchmaker Lyrics

Mr. Matchmaker Lyrics by NBG Dook

Yaah baby, you did this one
Aye bro, you know NBG dropped a new track?
Who is NBG?
Who NBG?
yeah who is it?
Is you forreal?
Yaah baby, you did this one
Bruh stop playing with me
I’m serious
You dead serious?
Dead serious
Like G.O.D?
G.O.D bro
Man, let me turn this up

Booka told me not to trust a bitch, they have you looking stupid
Call me mr. matchmaker, bitch, I’m feeling like I’m cupid
Yeah, I’m fat but you hella skinny, looking like a toothpick
Talking all that shit up on the ‘gram but you ain’t gon’ do shit
Jiggy on the beat, I ain’t gon’ lie, I’m feeling like I’m broad
Yeah, my last bitch got me mad ’cause she got me blocked
She was tryna destroy my image, that’s what got her cropped
I’m a petty nigga, get your shit but I’mma keep them socks
Nevermind, I bought you all that shit, bitch, I need it back
I don’t need no love from no thot, I just need a sack
Somebody call 1jay, I need him on a track
Just because I got a nigga flow, that don’t mean I’m wack
They worry ’bout my flow but niggas know that my shit is bussin’
Hating on the net, that shit gay, niggas so disgusting
Bow, how, bow, damn this beat punching
Uh oh, my momma listening, I gotta stop cussing
Na I’m playing, it’s aight, she ain’t really trippin’
This niggas call me dirty dan cause I’m really spittin’
They only say your shit is fire ’cause your breath be kickin’
Hey little silly rabbit, tricks are for kids
Yeah, I be smoking on that loud while you be smoking mid
Niggas be blowing on that reggie, thinking it’s some shit
I gotta hit the load store, I’m tryna buy some sticks
Yeah, I be earning all my money, I don’t hit no licks
Hold on, let me switch the flow up real quick, it go like
Man it’s cold, I need a jacket, where my hoodie at?
I heard my lil’ cousin had a party with my goody bag
Na, you would think I’m half mad but I’m fully mad
Put him in a headlock where I see him, I’mma do him bad
Getting all this in my comments, why ya’ll doing that?
If the opposition shoot at you is you shooting back?
NBG, ‘nothing but greatness’, gotta stay true to that
Tryna stop another man’s hustle, ya’ll be moving sad
It’s a lot of money on this earth, better get that cheddar
Every time I’m feeling really sad, money make it better
Will your meals be separate today?
No, we together
Dang, I ain’t even got my wallet, don’t know how to tell her