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Mallory Merk – Strangers Lyrics

Strangers Lyrics By Mallory Merk

Feels like I’m fading away but I got my whole life
Driving with the windows down so I can feel the sting in my eyes
Another one left me I was hopeless one door close another opens
So let’s move slow
While my heart bleeds
I don’t know how I come across
Truth is I don’t know you that much
But I still wanna let you inside my mind
Don’t worry about the lines you cross
Truth is I been through too much
It wouldn’t be the first time I cried
If I turn invisible baby don’t b
e surprised
If you see me in your dreams but I’m not there when you open your eyes
Yea you’ll start to miss me when you least expect it
But we all know love ain’t a victimless crime

I can’t see the crash ahead
But I wish I wasn’t lonely
I know I would of kicked you out
(Know I would of kicked you out)