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eli. – blame Lyrics

blame Lyrics By eli.

did you keep the bed we shared?
or did you sell away the memory?
a waste of a mattress, we wasted our years
i want an apology

did you move in with him yet?
or are you taking time with it?
i won’t be surprised when i hear of a wedding
you were always one to rush

but i just wasn’t ready yet
past pain was a strain on my brain, i admit
i just couldn’t dive in with it yet

it didn’t mean you had to cheat
no, i will not defend that
i replay those days as i’m lying awake
no, i never will forget

pre chorus

you’re trying to hide all the secrets you keep
the scent of his lips on the skin
that used to be my home

and i wanna go, find the love that i seek
but life has pushed me back
keeping me alone

maybe i’ve taken you for granted


who’s to blame when the sun goes away?
some say it’s the moon, or maybe it’s just fate

curse the sky for the darkness you face
telling God that he has taken back your soul

it would be simple to accuse her
it would be easy just to blame her
and maybe at first, i will take to the streets just to slander her name

but it’s unfair to give her all the blame
for breaking something already in pain
yeah i was broken before her, and that’s on me
maybe i’m the one to blame