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Rooga – For Duck Lyrics

For Duck Lyrics By Rooga

And, and i know what i’m on
My boys on & we gon’ come
Cuz i know they not gon’ play without me
They gon’ kill shit, know what i’m saying?
And once we come…

New glock’s and xd’s
We ain’t shooting til we test these
And we ain’t stopping til’ we catch 3
Hit his crib and tell him catch me
They like: they ain’t playing fair
Yeah, this shit that deep
The other day i almost clapped a nigga
Whole time, this just a fan
He’s trying to snap a picture
That get back gone be so real
We gotta wrap a nigga
We just riding, lurking
Tryna catch a rapper-niigga

And if we ever said it’s up nigga
Then it’s stuck nigga
I’m the type to comе through
Dressed up like a cluck nigga
Now you boxеd up in that corner
And you fucked nigga
And the last words that you heard
Was “this for duck nigga”
And all that fake shit
Don’t come around with it
Cause usually that snake shit
Come around with it
And usually the ones that fold
Say they down with it
You hanging with that nigga
He told, you must be down with it
And i ain’ t gotta get close to you
Nigga, i can get you touched from an ocean view
I just make a call and they do what they ‘posed to do
Ain’t no capping boa, them scrappers they stand over you
Like dooski say “i got a bond with my shooters.”

And if they catch a case then
We just bond out the shooter
We might hit yo crib like
We running with the looters
You can try to run, but
Ain’t no running from this ruger
I catch the killer he getting buried alive
No, buried in five
When my niggas want you
Where you gone hide
Better ride with that fire

And if we can’t find you we gone
Get somebody that mean a lot to you
So, you can keep on hiding and we
Gon’ end up taking a lot from you
And ain’t no question
I don’t want to talk
Ain’t no drive-by shootings
Today, i want to walk
We been at his crib some hours
Today, i want to stalk
And we ain’t leaving from his crib
Until this nigga caught
He coming out, i saw him in hd
Ran up on him with the pipe

Like nigga take these
Nigga stumbling & running
He can’t shake these
Then all you seen was a flash
Told him say cheese
Look, got a lot of shit on my mind
I just keep inside
Because if i let it out
You might just see them demons fly
It’s fucked up when you lose
Your nigga and see him die
That hit a part in your soul
Where you can’t even cry
I then witnessed niggas change
Right in front of me
And i then witnessed niggas get changed
Right in front of me
Mama always ask me
“son, what you wanna be?”
But it ain’t what i wanna be, ma
It’s what i’m gonna be
I always been the humble type
But never been the mumble type
Was raised around them young
Wild niggas in that jungle life
You wouldn’t last a day
You don’t wanna see what that jungle like
Them youngings riding around with pipe
Them youngings they’ll take your life
Most of my niggas gang bang
Or locked up in a cell
Sometimes i ask the man upstairs
“is we living in hell?”
Them shorties run up on your porch
Like they deliver mail
Them shorties run up with that torch
And just deliver shells
See, i grew up in a city full of hatred
Where they see you got a way out
But don’t wanna see you make it
They don’t wanna see you take it
They don’t wanna see you chase it
They gone smile like its love, but
Deep down inside they hate it
See, i came along way
From depression & aggression
From welfare to section 8
I thank god, ’cause it’s a blessing
Brothers in and out of jails
Lord knows, my mama stressing
Thinking about the life i live
Like, will i make it to see heaven?
Will i make it to see 27?
I’ll be damned, i be under a (?)
I’ll be damned i let a nigga get up on me
He gone catch six from the seven
I then seen niggas hang
With niggas who then told
So i don’t fuck with them
You fuck with him
You’ve done told
I can vouch these niggas bitches, on bro ‘nem
And i can merch that on them niggas, on folk ‘nem
If that was me: won’t be no witness, nah
If that was me: won’t be no sentence, look

So, run up on me wrong & you
Better have your shit together
Because them killers i fuck with
They be with whatever
My niggas hopping out with them desert’s
We ain’t come to send a blessing
Boa, we came to send a message!

Look moral of the story
Keep a weapon if he trying to learn
He get burned because i teach a lesson
Hollows open up like presents
When i shoot that smith and wesson
For some shit he did in the past
Now he ain’t present, nigga!