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Krosis – Terminus Lyrics

Terminus Lyrics – Krosis

In the end, we all ask ourselves the same thing.
We ask “why”.
Why do we lead such painful lives?
Why do we attempt to overcome all?

The worlds grave is full of unaccepting souls.
Forever wandering through the limbo known as death, all begging for an answer.
All gazed upon from a single point of view.
A point of ease and content.

We are niether coerced to move towards, nor stray from it.
We must create our own footpath.
Further advancing our weakened, frail minds towards exemption of affliction.

What waits for us is nothing more than a pipe dream to the living.

It is a past we once forgot.
It is a well earned terminus for the infinitely lost-A confidence, aspiration, achievement.
It is proof that we do not live for a grievous end.
It is what carries the flame.