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Lost Under Heaven – Alpha Omega Lyrics

Alpha Omega Lyrics – Lost Under Heaven

is rapture near?
is it time for us to face our consequence?
well don’t trust these zealots certainty
a cowards confidence.
careful not to drink the kool aid kid
the agendas laced with poison
what do we do when nothing’s changed?
when judgement does not come…

salvation seeking sociopaths
trying to bring about the of end time
mechanistic predators
hell bent on keeping the herds in line
the first will be last and the last will be first
as I stand betwixt and between
this zero sum game’s genocidally insane
it serves no one
neither you nor me

every end is an open door
every new day a death of what is
may I die before I die
so I may know how to live
as we rage against the dying the light
the only question is how long it’ll take
you thought it was over?
it’s just beginning
yeah the cycle will never end

you thought it was over?
it’s just beginning.
yeah the cycle will never end.