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Dorian Electra – Ram It Down Lyrics

Ram It Down Lyrics – Dorian Electra

Just keep it, your secret, behind closed doors
We don’t want to see it, don’t start a war
Keep it locked up tight, what you do at night
Just don’t bring it
out into the daylight

Hey man, don’t ram it down
My throat can’t take anymore
Hey man, love who you want but just don’t
Ram it down my throat

Ram it deeper
I can’t breathe
Shove it
I love it
You know I want it
Please ram it down

Love wins a.k.a. sins but hey that’s not my business
Just don’t shove rainbows in my face
Even the lucky charms leprechaun wants to turn me gay
Not okay I’m gonna suffocate

Ram it down
Ram it down
Ram it down

Be careful not to choke when I ram it down

Ram it down
Ram it down
Ram it down