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Titanic Sinclair – Texas Dream Lyrics

Texas Dream Lyrics – Titanic Sinclair

I was born in the wake of a thunderstorm
My momma cried when she looked into my hazel eyes
I was alive and I grew to be an honest guy
I made my momma cry when I left home with my pride

I ran away, looking for a claim to stake
But my mistake was to gamble with the devil’s heartbreak
My momma cried when I crawled back to my home
I fell into her arms
She said, “Baby, you are not alone.”

But this ain’t my first rodeo
I can make it on my own
So I’m following a Texas dream
I’m gonna plant the seed
I need my family tree

I’m heading south to my baby on the open road
I’ll stay afloat until I finally have found that gold
I’ll live a simple life with a little one and my wife
I’m gonna be kind to the people that pass me by

Because there’s something I have always known:
You’re not alive if you’re living alone
So I’m following that Texas Dream
I’m gonna plant that seed and grow my family tree