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The Wonder Years – Brakeless Lyrics

Brakeless Lyrics – The Wonder Years

The bank sign out my window is laughing in my face
Cause it’s 7 in the morning and only 4 degrees.
There’s a city budget crisis, they’re closing all the libraries.
There’s no money left for nothing so they’re only plowing Broad St.
I’m picking lunch over the subway. I’ve got 4 bucks to my name.
It’s another morning bike ride in the fucking freezing rain.
I pull a second pair of gloves. I’m tying bags around my feet.
I’m not getting trench foot this week.

I heard a song on the radio
That tried to tell me I’m not alone
But I feel like it today.
I heard a song on the radio
That said “that’s just the way it goes”
And I think I’m gonna break.

I swerve left to dodge a car door at 12th and Cecil B
Caught my front wheel in the trolley tracks and slid across the street
I showed up to work all bloodied up but still got all my teeth
And lately that’s what’s passing as lucky. Lucky for me.

I keep thinking of ways to make it seem like an accident.
I pulled the brake off my bike, so if a bus runs the light, well then…
I keep telling myself that it can’t be that serious

But if I’m talking like this, I guess it is.