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Keaton Henson – The Grand Old Reason Lyrics

The Grand Old Reason Lyrics – Keaton Henson

While the grand old reason
Pulls out its tether
While you lay black and blue
Under the weather
The dark tries light
Dips its toe in the water
And faith means death
Time’s cruel younger daughter
And you sing songs of the rhyme and the reason
Press your weary face to the glass of the season
With hope on your breath
And a prayer in the evening
Well, If you believe
I believe you’ll be leaving
But you much like I, don’t know where
When we die we will go

So we cling, desperate fingers
Onto life
And we’ll all miss you to death
When you go

All the crows land wild
On the lungs of our youth
While the rain beats hard
On the slates of the roof
Where you just try to sleep
In a haze of medication
On New Year’s Eve
Through the sound of elation
In the bastard’s home, is a hospital bed
Where the life drains so gladly from your greying head
Oh, I’m so broken down that I can not be made
I’m just so fucking sorry that you are afraid
But like you I have tried for so long
Not to cry
That I don’t even know if I can when you die
But I’m sure, as damn hell
I will try
I am sure, as damn hell
Gonna try