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Over the Moon – Love Someone New Lyrics

Love Someone New Lyrics Phillipa Soo – from Over the Moon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

I know you’re feeling sadness
I see it in your eyes
The pain is overwhelming
When a loved one dies

But it’s time for you to let go
And set your heartache free
For there’s life that’s waiting there for you
If you can let love through

If you can give love, you will find your family
Though it may not be like it was before
And if you give love, you’ll never lose love
It only grows
More and more

No need to build a rocket
For you can now be strong
The things that you’ve been searching for
Have been here all along
And though it hurts to miss her
Her spirit’s always near

So trust that she will always be with you
And love someone new

The gift is not the answer
And you are not alone
For love is all around you
A love you’ve always known
And though it hurts to miss him
His spirit’s always near
The heart grows
And it knows
You can love
You’re wonderful