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portrayal of guilt – It’s Already Over / Masochistic Oath Lyrics

It’s Already Over / Masochistic Oath Lyrics – portrayal of guilt

“It’s Already Over”

A life misled.
My body, so still.
The stagnant blood surrounds me.
I find peace in silence.
In a search for a “God”.
Another state of being.
I search for heaven in the ceiling, but all I’ve found is an endless sea of black.
I feel myself letting go.
I submit myself to what the world chose for me.
My eyes roll back.
The terror begins.
I follow the light.
There’s nothing at the end.

“Masochistic Oath”

Bathing in agony.
Covered in shame.
These walls cave in.
Only myself to blame.
Pill after pill, I prepare myself for the morning ahead.
My body folds, writhing in pain.
No one is here for me.
Bathing in agony.
Covered in shame.
I listen to the running water.
It fills the bathtub slowly.
I am trampled by thoughts.
Weighed down by memories.
I lay my head still, welcoming an infinite sleep.
My sacrifice for you.
An endless cycle of ache.
Still conscious, I am paralyzed.
Eyes wide open, staring aimlessly.
Water begins to fill the floor.
Rising slowly, so poetically.
I begin to choke, this is what I crave.
I am a masochist, in my blood I bathe.
Drowning in my own self hatred, I can feel my lungs as they begin to fail.
Bathing in agony.
Covered in shame.
This burden of living never seems to end.
As I lay my body and take the devil’s hand.
In this holy water.
In this chamber of sin.
Born into filth.
I die alone.