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JZAC – Move Away Lyrics

Move Away Lyrics – JZAC

I had to take a step back realize what was important to me
Wasn’t very long ago I was recording for free
Me and cheeky staying up till like quarter of three
Going back and forth with it just supporting the dreams
He used to say it on the regular he wasn’t surprised
Shit was magic happened right in front of our eyes
Bout to pop like sparkling wine
Seen the light inside the darkest of times
Even when it seems the hardest to find
Then me and Rocky had to move to LA
I know it broke my Mama heart when I was moving away
Her baby gone I ain’t missing a beat
I’m coming back with some accolades
And money when the mission complete
I’m thinking tactical got a calculated approach
You be saying the most and you ain’t
Doing nothing new you be recycling flows
I stay tight like cycling clothes
You just do it for the hype and it shows
I’m having trouble keeping up with your trends
But more trouble keeping up with my friends
I guess that certain things are probably better left unsaid
Aye don’t take it personal if you get left on read
I saw green and went left on red
Contemplating my decisions left me stressed on edge I gotta back it up
I always saw the life I wanted it’s in plain sight
Told the family to hang tight
I hunt and gather food bring it back in the same night
And do it all again I’m just getting the game right
I really stay on top of this shit watch the clock as it tick
I put a helping hand out I like to plot and assist
It’s always better when your friends win too
It ain’t the same when you celebrating
Solo when the check went through
Got a list of demands fuck a list of regrets
I should be on top of your list of the best
Always listened to me you didn’t listen I guess
I just talk to ’em they ain’t wanna listen a sec
I had to say it with my chest and learn to speak up
Keep the pressure on ’em and don’t leave ’em room to ease up
Mother fucker yeah they feeling it now okay you feeling me now?
Didn’t show their true colors they revealing ’em now
I gotta draw and execute it that’s exactly where the plans start
Watch me making history the booth is now a landmark
They ain’t understand when they telling me I can’t
That I took it like a bullet to the damn heart huh
Hit me ricocheted and then it came back
If it never happened to me I would never claim that
Learned you gotta press ’em other times you gotta stay back
Fuck it I ain’t stress ’em I ain’t even talking JZAC
Man this on some personal shit you throw the work in the mix
They doing drugs to get away like it’s a permanent fix
That’s a temporary high that you’ll be chasing again
The fakest of friends trust they gon take it again
See if I said it in a song you know I mean it
And if I say it in my life you know I’ve seen it
Maybe I’m just too observant when I’m looking around
I spend my time tryna justify the genius