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Only1Tipy – Feed Your Enemies Lyrics

Feed Your Enemies Lyrics – Only1Tipy

Looking at this Percocet like can you take my pain away
Polo called from the box he said he wanna pray
He said don’t stress over nothing you can’t take away
Shit the way I feel I should have a hundred grey’s
Run it up til’ I see a hundred k
Then run it up a hundred more after that
A.J. missing from the hood people panicking
2 weeks in, know his family ain’t sleep since
Bitch niggas freezing up like they mannequins
Need some rest a nigga rolling off a Ambien
Brought the whole script
Smoke a whole zip
Boy we really zombies please don’t get your bros killed
Got that monster drip, monsters in some drip
Monster on my hip, everything Moncler
He go to work at 5:30 follow him there
Real niggas yeah we rare
He want beef fuck it give it to him medium rare
Nah blood raw the minute you step
Went from eating oodles of noodles to meal prep
Pushing weight putting in reps yeah
Everybody wanna come around when the mills come
Nah nigga we don’t need your help
Still give a nigga scraps if I got it
You blessed so you feed your enemies if you got it
Then feed him to the tigers like I’m Carol Baskin
For 10 P’s of that Joe Exotic
All my niggas know nah it ain’t no asking
If you need it and I got it know you got it
I took my chain off my neck and gave it to my grandma
Took that rollie off my wrist and gave it to my grandma
Shit I only get one
She know its only one
Shit I done got all this off of only one
And it’s nothing nigga
If I got it once I can get a hundred nigga
No Three Six but you know who run it nigga
Chanel shades on they throwing that like pitchers
Ain’t use to posing for no pictures
Now we posing for these pictures
With everybody I came with now they famous now
Put it up on the gram hundred thousand likes
Thirty thousand in the comments like…like what
You know we fucking with you
Fuck who against you
All this shit cerebral
Doing good and evil
Give the boy a easel
So he can paint that picture, hella vivid
Now its priceless like the Mona Lisa
Niggas puppets they ain’t real cousin Skeeter
Follow that money truck to Regions
In all regions
To buck nigga we need zero reasons
Head under a halo riding in that demon
Lets go

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