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E-40 – I Stand On That Lyrics

I Stand On That Lyrics – E-40

Ay ay ay ay look
This that shit that made me ball out on my old bitch, ooh
Yeah i’m chosen, i ain’t felt this sick since covid, ooh
Can’t control it, i got lit and now im zoned in, ayy
This my moment, i don’t trust a hoe i’m bonin’, woo
Maury Povich, I made a change, I had to be different
I hate when I’m stuck on the edge
I ain’t time to argue with niggas
I’d rather get money instead
Word to my folks, we used to be close
Now I’m just stuck in my head
I wanted a rose but I like to ghost
Before I’m makin’ love to the dead (Before I make love to th dead)
(lit, lit, lit, lit, lit)
I gotta step to the podium
I’m runnin’ shit lik Napoleon
My niggas smokin’ petroleum
Back when a nigga had no DM’s
I had to clean with the other custodians
Nobody fucked with me, nobody noticed him
Now I’m that nigga that salt to your sodium
Bitch I’m the bomb, I lit the plutonium
Feet on the ground, I’m breakin’ linoleum
This is revenge, and all that you owe me
Was shorty my bitch, but she ain’t the only way
Yeah I’m a god, I know I’m the holy one
I do not smoke, but you gotta roll me one
You gotta, you gotta roll me one
She got a twin and I need the both of them
Streets can’t hold me
We not friends so please don’t ‘bro’ me
Bitch come blow me
Pull up my mamba, RIP Kobe, that’s my OG
Still no Grammy, but I got trophies, then I went OT
She text me lowkey, water emoji
Feelin’ myself like look what I built
Like look at my wealth, I did what I felt
I bet on my myself, reinvented myself
All the plaques I got won’t fit on my shelf
I’m sick of myself, jumped out of my skin
Hopped into my shell, I am feeling quite well
You ain’t been in my prison, won’t fit in my cell
Won’t fit in my pants, don’t look at my belt
I mean what I say and I say what I meant, my nigga
(I stand on that)
I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six, my nigga
(I stand on that)
I bet my own empire, to get on my kids, my nigga
(I stand on that)
Try to do everything with ’em that I never did, my nigga
(I stand on that)
I went through the storm, but I made a way, so I be aight
(I stand on that)
If you never cross me or did me wrong, I gotchyu for life
(I stand on that)
I built a team of sharks and all of them niggas will bite
(I stand on that)
If you got an enemy, I got an enemy, get ’em on sight
(sight, sight, sight)