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DRAG ME OUT – The Watch Of The Buried Lyrics

The Watch Of The Buried Lyrics – DRAG ME OUT

Once again I need to take it off my chest
I’m fighting for my life
Without you by my side
I’m drained, I’m lost, I’m losing all my trust
Oh will I ever rest?

I’m not trying to change your ways
We’re all leaving a bitter taste
The wolves were hiding when the sun came out

Like the edge of a sharpened knife
I cut you down, I cut you down
All my ignorance saved my life
I’ll wrap around all that I’ve found

Fuck it, let me take a break
I just want to stay alone through this torture
If you dare to ease the pain,
Break the chains all on your own
Do it faster, do it faster

If you long for it, just say a prayer
They’ll keep their eye on you
The watch of the buried

They’ll give it all to you again
Just keep moving forward
We’ll never be the fucking same
I know you deserve it

I found myself feeling so much stronger
Under the moon and its eclipse
I wish our love could last a little longer
Just say the truth

Fix me cuz I can’t take this pain any longer

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