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James Mantis – $LINK Lyrics

$LINK Lyrics – James Mantis

I feel low how
Do I turn this around
So drop a pin on it right now
To tell me where you are

Taxi’d down the runway leaving right now
I just wanna see you

Nothing better at 2am in the night
Hit me with the preview

Ace in the hole in one par 3 downtown
You could call me tigaaa yah

Call me what you wanna
Call me when you wanna

Just touched down
Turn the chainlink to a pound
Hopping fences through the town
Got me buying foreign gowns

Cancerous answer this
Tell me would you die for this

Dance for this, rollies don’t tik tok
1 minute handle it

Hold it stop
Won’t pass the rock

Jab-step pop
Swish down the block

With no static
Taxi’d down the runway

With no static
Got me on run ah