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Yn Jay – Red Nose Pit Lyrics

Red Nose Pit Lyrics – Yn Jay

(Enrgy, man, why you do that man?)

Bitch asked me why I charged up, find my dragon balls
Bitch told me I can’t fuck her friend, but I had ’em all
Bitch asked me did I use to hoop, I just had the ball
Everybody on my team shoot, I just had the ball
I’m a red nose Pit, I just had to dog
I can’t look down from the top, I just had to fall
Bitch say she got some good news, I just had to call
Bitch ain’t even have nothin’ to say, got me mad I called
Nigga pillow talkin’ to the hoes, got me mad at dawg
Nigga you a fuckin’ bench warmer, you’ll be mad I balled
You can’t walk through my backyard, it’s a lot of dogs
Ahh-woof, woof woof, ahhh!
I’ma hit the dog with the, ahhhh!
I’ma hit the dog with the dog, this a different breed
Dawg got COVID-19, that’s a different sneeze
I was poppin’ pills in school, these some different E’s
I just dropped a old school with Doug, it was different D’s
I can make a bad bitch beg, it was different please
Pull up with a banana clip, it’s a different C’s
Beecher nigga, I’m from Bucktown, it’s a different B’s
Aye, but it’s the A-Team
Go to sleep, wake right back up, like I hate dreams
Bitch, I been the fuckin’ Coochie Man, since I was 18
Nigga tried to sell his drink to me, it was fake lean
Damn, I should kill your ass
Kidnap you, throw you in the trunk, I should steal your ass
Bitch say she got her ass shots, let me feel your ass
I don’t respect, no muthafuckin’ warning, I don’t feel no pass

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