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Brian Courtney Wilson – Forever Lyrics

Forever Lyrics – Brian Courtney Wilson

Life comes at us fast it’s true
And with everything moving
There’s so much that we could lose
But I can’t let go
To what’s in my soul
This gift of peace
‘Cause God is in control

Forever Forever
And I’m holding on
Forever Forever
To His unchanging hand
Forever Forever
He’s got the whole world in it
Forever Always

People are hurting all around us me too
This can be a cold world
That can leave you with the blues
But I remain sure
There is a cure
A love that covers
And treats us like no other

Forever Forever
God will not change
Forever Forever
His loving hand remains
Forever Forever
And He’s pulling us through
Pulling us through
Forever Always

And in the fullness of time
We will understand why
The plan
The pain
The price
To call You King
You are my King

I love you forever
Forever always

And I’ll be loving you forever
And worshipping you too
God yes I will
Show us your will and your way
In these dark and evil days
Our enemy is busy in news
Painting pictures with his words to block our view
But I see You still
Finishing the work
With your children in the earth
Lord I want to be in that number
Named among your sons and daughters
Following Your lead
Is where we will be
That’s where I wanna be God
I wanna be with you God
Help us to hold on God
Help us to be strong
And stronger still
Until that day
We see you face to face
Forever Always