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Giggs – Now Or Never Lyrics

Now Or Never Lyrics – Giggs

Melodies, life brings enemies
Smoking on, like green celery
Trap shit, ice cream memories
Boxes, guys been selling me
Anyway, guys been telling me
That Donny said he might put a shell in me
Incredible, now he’s belling me
Just begging it, lies incredibly

Yeah, got me picking the stick up
Ain’t no slipping up, nigga, ain’t no time for no hiccup
I remember when Poppi hit me up for the pick up
You should shut you mouth, nigga, you should button your lip up
Trousers buttoned up, now I think it’s time for the zip up
Got the bottle there, now I think it’s time for the liquor
Sticky out, so I think it’s time for the stick up
Keep your shoes tied, nigga, you could die from the trip up

Yeah, got that savage kaabam
Little magic trick, mixing up the alakazam
Savages, niggas really jealous of man
But the maddest ting, niggas should be mad at ya man
Quick Malaga, Hollowman just ran in the van
Black Adam Giggs, watch how I’ma have up Shazam
On my palace shit, tryna get that palace to land
Yeah, I’m trying, cause, I’ma do as much as I can
40 calibre, had that 40 cal in my hand
40 calibre, I’m the 40 calibre man
Challengers, get your peanut butter and jam
Niggas eating here, watch how I’ma cut up the lamb

Yeah, niggas giving me trouble
No one’s ever remembered seeing me struggle
No one’s ever checking out or seeing the puzzle
No one’s helping Hollow when his feet’s in the rubble
Yeah, loner, no one’s picking up this phoner
No one listens, it gets colder
Jumper on me and it’s polar
Studio session and Giggs sober
Trample lions and kick cobras
Amplify and God knows her
Ample trier, I got closer

Yeah, what you telling me, cause?
Heroin, niggas might be selling the dubs
Had the ice cream, but you couldn’t sell it in tubs
Fast forward, now I’m out here shelling a clubs
Buzzing now, now a nigga dwell in the buzz
Man was hating, now a nigga tell me it’s love
Little tell tale, now a nigga telling his cause
Now I’m Hollowman telling nigga tell all the plugs
Fuck an acapella
I got bitches shaking up their Macarena
I’ma get that visa then I’m mashin’ chella
Hollow never fruity but the pack Fruitella
I’m a living legend, cause, I’m back forever
Never back your brother but you back that bredda
I might back the debit card or pack the cheddar
Hollow keep on telling them it’s now or never

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