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JayteKz – Remedy Lyrics

Remedy Lyrics – JayteKz

So many questions and nobody seems to have the answers
So many blessings and yet life still feels like a disaster
Before and after pics of who you were back then and now
Do you feel proud about your progress or you feel let down
Did things turn out the you thought they would inside your head
Like when I’m grown up mom and dad will be in love again
I mean I can’t be by myself I know you’ve wondered too
It’s detrimental to our health I know you feel the bruise
There’s still a lot of shit I’m dealing with
I know it’s not in vain cause these are parts he’ll build me with
But I’m still flesh so I’m prone to make all my mistakes
Especially when I predicate my choices off my aches
I hope you understand what I just said
I base my choices off my past and all my broken ends
If I offend you with my lifestyle remember this
Where were you when I was down and filled with emptiness

I feel so cold
I killed my soul
I feel so alone
I have no one to hold me

Sometimes it’s hard to find acceptance huh
Not from people but the one in your reflection huh
Cause I know how it feels to hate the person staring back
So we conceal our true identities and wear a mask
Yeah, I know exactly how that tactic works
The madness lurks behind a smile that has been well rehearsed
I hate to burst your bubble but that act won’t last too long
One day you’ll have to crack pack your bags and just move on
Cause once upon a time that was me
And suicide was on my mind and I was prepped to leave
I felt deceived by the mirrors of my broken past
Until I freed myself cause only I would hold me back