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Dutchavelli – I’ll Call You Back Lyrics

I’ll Call You Back Lyrics – Dutchavelli

(Big Zeeko)

Shoulda got back to you when I’m off tour (Tour)
Instead, I’m on the twos right now with my Zanco, the reception’s poor (Poor)
I’ll call you at bang up, if not, it’s cool, I’ll see you at court
Got bagged with my iPhone 5, that’s why I’m on house block four, yeah

Look, can you believe they put me on basic?
Still got the weed you brought me last week
That’s why you’re my favourite (Favourite)
If you ever went to jail for me, I’ll be there on the V with a bag just waiting (Waiting)
Yeah, put money in your bank when you want a vacation
Got the landing smellin’ like flavours
And the gov’s all know what my name is
Told ’em, “One day, I’m gonna be famous
Like Prince Harry or them football players” (Players)
Yeah, how could they put my government name in the papers?
Hope my Mum don’t see, that’ll take her delicate heart and break it (Break it)
Anyway, what are you sayin’?
Can’t wait ’til you get off your plane
Could you check your account for two-fifty with a reference that says “A”?
Even though that I’m lookin’ at a long time
You still went and tatted my name, yeah
We might go wild if I bust this case (Case)

I shoulda got back when I finished recording
Instead, I’m on a Serco bus all the way to the court at like eight in the morning (Morning)
Yeah, I bought that V, I need to tell you somethin’ important
Judge said that I’m lookin’ at life (Life)
I hope I don’t make things awkward

Girl, why you quiet? Why you, why you not talkin’? (Talkin’)
I hear her crying, hear her, the tears are fallin’
I heard keys on the landing, I think the gov’s are walkin’
If I don’t call you back tonight, I’ma call you back in the morning (Morning)
Look, and don’t bother tryna wait up for me, yeah
‘Fore you go sleep, just say a prayer for me
You’re nothin’ like them who came and left, you there, for real
Can’t wait ’til they say I got one day left, we’re living a dream (Dream)

I shoulda got back when I finished performing
I guess it’s true what they say, only miss the sun when the rain starts pouring (Pouring)
Gotta clip your wings, I watch you fly, no angels falling (Falling)
Gotta take a breath, might take a sec to take it all in

Got mail from chicks, but it ain’t from you, it ain’t important
I hope you feel me in my pain when I’m saucing
Even when I feel a type of way, I put my all in
I kept it jugging in the rain when they was calling
Jugging in the rain when they was calling
Kept it jugging in the rain when they was calling
Kept it jugging in the rain when they was…
I kept it jugging in the rain when they was calling