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Dutchavelli – Intro Lyrics

Intro Lyrics – Dutchavelli

Mate, your shine is our shine, you know?
Yeah, this ain’t Dixy Chicken we’re tryna build, fam
We’re tryna build Kentucky, innit? (Yeah)
You feel me? That’s what we’re trying to do, innit?
Ayy, look

I could not care about who’s talkin’ the hardest
Just woke up today and they told me I charted
Walked out of court with Jeezy and Beezy
Told all of my niggas I got ’em regardless
Believe me, I’m not just a regular person
I put on this mask, it’s back to the marches
I’d rather go out on a suicide mission
Than fold on them niggas I used to go hard for
If you’re ever in doubt of how far you could go
Just take a look back and see where you started
I promise to bring the crown back to the East
If not, I’ma break it to pieces and half it
I know what they say, “You reap what you sow”
The killies gon’ cut down the trees when they harvest
I put on for all my guys that ever did it
The ones that fell off, brush that under the carpet, it’s Dutch

Congratulations, my guy, one million views, yeah
Yeah, we done it, innit? We made it, innit? Yeah
We are only on the way up now, innit? You feel me?
Yeah, just hold in a breath and just breathe in it, you feel me?

How do you feel? I’m out the cage
Me and my niggas litty, gettin’ paid
I could blow twenty-five hundred on BAPE
And pull up outside my old school in a Wraith
Thinkin’ ’bout all the decisions I made
Still lucky enough to say I’ll be okay
Seen niggas turn their back on me in shame
Turn around, say they always kept the faith
But I ain’t stupid, I know I had to play this
I’m still with the same niggas that I came with
You wasn’t there on the minimum wages
And we couldn’t open the door for the bailiffs
I’m spendin’ this dough like I don’t wanna save it
For all of these problems I’m dealin’ with lately
Now that we’re fucking, she tell me she love me
I bet when I leave, she gon’ tell me she hate me, yeah

My guy, you know I’ve got you, innit?
Like, hahaha, yeah, so, um, yeah
Just hit me up, innit? So I can talk to you personally, innit?
I know you’re asleep, innit?
Hope you’re putting in that work in the studio, innit?
‘Cause I’m putting that work other places, innit?
I mean, I told you this from the start, I’m not sleeping on you, fam
I’m gonna make sure you get everything that you deserve, yeah?
Right, so, um, yeah, just hit me up when you get this message, yeah?
Alright, cool, got something that’s gonna make you smile, still