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Snoop Dogg – Did Somebody Say Lyrics

Did Somebody Say Lyrics – Snoop Dogg

(Did somebody say) Sick of this
Get those Just Eat foods online for me
(Just Eat) We gon’ do this Doggy style
Did somebody say Just Eat?

Me, get delivery like a G
See hungry Dogg’s gotta eat
I get mine every day, every week
Chicken wings to the crib I’m sittin’ in
Burger in the low-low
Hope they kept the pickle in
Wonton on a catamaran
Oodles of noodles, thank you my man
Tacos to the chateau, please
Did somebody say Just Eat?
Private jet in the night sky
My man hand glide by with my fried rice, right
What could you not love
‘Bout a slice on the side of the hot tub? (Ooh)
What you gonna do, boo?
Chocolate fondue right on cue
Even dipping in the sea
I see food, seafood sees me
Did somebody say Just Eat?