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Issy Wood – Cry/Fun Lyrics

Cry/Fun Lyrics – Issy Wood

Every tantrum looks the same
I do my best to block it out
But when you’re screaming my name it’s hard not to adore the sound
Plus I’ve got a taste for pain from having you around the house
Or is that just my faulty brain telling me I’m not allowed
To clean you out?

I try to always be myself
But I don’t think I do that very well
And you say I haven’t been myself
And that’s true but I really don’t need your help

I’ve got a taste for pain
And I’d do it all again

How can you look so relaxed
Can you teach me to be just like that

Cause I’ve got a taste for pain and I’m sure I’d do it all again
And I could just take the blame but I’m not sure that would feel the same
And you try to ignore what’s done and then tell me I’m the only one
And your threats to cut my tongue means I cry whenever I’m having fun

How could you look so serene
Thought you’d been dying inside just like me

And every weekend looks the same I do my best to change it up
But there’s only so much you can take if you cry when you’re having fun
Plus I’ve got no one to hate you were the very last one
And I’ve already saved the date for when I learn to hold my tongue
Before I say something dumb

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