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MAVI – SMH Lyrics

SMH Lyrics – MAV

it go like this
Tug at the rope got thrown for loops and my balance
Stuck in anthropocene moot is the standard
And movement ungranted
Unless you snooping for a human zoo to loot and transplanted
Attune your cruiser to the tune of mass panic
These days
Maroon reclusion my greatest hope
As youth I heard yakuub myths off the stoop it was greater control or truth
But I’m taking both
What’s crazier swang or stroke I’m baby Ruth
More bases stole I’m taking two
I pray my grannies prayed enough to gain me proof of entry
Niggas is working on the earth right now
And mans demands is taking tolls of transit chances paved with gold the same we stole for hand to hand the blame float over our heads
We cradle the clangs of drones from our beds the same as soldiers
Samely sober
Same leaf overturned
Get cranky rolled and burned
Outrage went frozen
Though his case not cold
We can’t keep over churning
Throat is burning bile is rising
More concerned than proselytizing
I closed the circle knowing the incurrent curse of modernizing
My memory fucked up
As kids was getting fucked up
Was blessed the city made its space
That graciousness got mucked crusted somewhere along the way
We traded honor for a longer stay
I let my cards fall where they may
Causative I’m a agar plate
Agent of growth
Feel like time pass along exponents
Turn away from the smoke
I flash irascible but knowing
Had to change the approach
Observe the mass of my opponent merge with
Strength of the dirt
I turn away finish first yeah
Taking wear and tear to the chest tat
Try to keep the traps of trespassers lengths away from the headcap
Sleeping crazy times cause of the jet lag
Same reason all you niggas losing second place same as dead last
Leaders in league and
We the latest team to bring the full court press back

So brace em or ur knees taken