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Aesop Rock – 1 to 10 Lyrics

1 to 10 Lyrics – Aesop Rock

Bad back, bad back, bad back
One half zig while the other half zag
Stand too long and the whole shit hunch
Sit too long and I can’t stand up
Gramps out for a Sunday drive
A man is betrayed by his lumbar spine
I pull up to the spot, like “I’ll meet y’all inside
I need like five”
Corpse pose, staring at the moon
Entirely on fire, Sciatica to boot
I’m ready to be turned into soup
Or shot into space, or squashed into cubes
Rate your pain level on a scale from 1 to 10
I said “Well doc, I tell you, I feel like I lost a friend”
I’m usually okay to simply shut up and cope
But these days more than ever, my back, it’s like “Nope!”