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Aesop Rock – Crystal Sword Lyrics

Crystal Sword Lyrics – Aesop Rock

Carry his own water as nary a known other
Read a palm when I parry apparently no sucker
Man slash island, casually hammers iron
Falcons that come to daddy, fabulous cash and prizes
I’m back of the theater, feature feeding rapid eyes in crisis
Out of sight is both his fancy and a random act of kindness for ya
Ride the wild aurora, future bright as fried Gomorrah
Present tense an SOS in tidal water, final offer, sold
I been shaking off a death rattle
As a window-bound bat from a collapsed red flannel at night
Flight path managing a back and forth
That draws a heart and dagger if you track it all with tack and yarn
Six foot a million, nothing off the rack fit him
I dress like fingers of light through black nimbus
Ruined last Christmas, probably ruin this Christmas
You can follow it from wing to cataclysm, listen
He carry his own water as nary a known other
Burn sage in the alley with various ghostbusters
Sea of disembodied bones knocking on your rods and cones
Some resort to scuba gear, some return to hobbit holes
Me, I done a lot of both, riding out and running scared
I’m everything from, “He’s a pest,” to, “He’s been dead for twenty years”
He’s been shredding perfect curbs and golden light with total scum
Pigeons bring him donuts, I’m the motherfucking chosen one
And every time you liars talk, fish and birds start dying off
Roses turn to solid ice, quiet eyes to fireballs, um
I started spilling all my problems to the final boss
He shed a tear and let me by him like, “What’s mine is yours”
Broke him off a little weed
Bid him well, off to see a system into smithereens
Sniffing out some livers he could lose in a broth
It’s when he go and pull the hood from the hawk
You look lost
He carry his own water as nary a known other
Go halves on the carrion, carry-on bolt cutters
Not a towel boy or cow to the slaughter
I leave an awkward conversation like a cow to the saucer
Inspire a thousand Our Fathers, people start calling their priests
“We’ve never seen a man so vehemently drawn to the beast”
“I heard he plays a pipe organ and changes form when he feeds”
I’ve never played a pipe organ, the rest my lawyer concedes, okay
Pull up at the Spirit World, zero man pit crew
Itching for experience clear of the jellyfish bloom
Show him to the sickroom, sic him on the showroom
Show us how you trick ’em into swimming through the au jus
Devil’s trap on the welcome mat
The dinner jacket smell of hell and back
I’m working on my hell and forth
It’s bound to be a bumpy ride
Deeper through the death and gore
Coming out the other side