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Aesop Rock – Dog at the Door Lyrics

Dog at the Door Lyrics – Aesop Rock

Huh? Who’s there?
Dog at the front door barking at the air
Wind all “woosh” in the trees
Then, “chk-chk-chk-chk,” feet on leaves
Uh, it’s probably a cat
Might be a guy with an ax
Might be a trap, shit, it’s probably a trap
Might be a possum in the trash
It’s probably a trap
“Ayy, keep it moving,” God, I sound stupid
Good chance I’m not even talking to a human
Then again it’s probably a trap, somebody had to set it
Depending on the type, maybe several
Yeah, that’s it, it’s probably several, several come together
To make what would’ve taken one forever
I’m thinking it’s a pretty damn sophisticated trap
Utilizing some technology I didn’t know we had
Hmm, maybe I am entirely tripping
It might’ve been the neighbor’s kid, but I have my suspicions
I wish it were as simple as a critter, but it isn’t
I feel that it’s important we consider all dimensions
Like, oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s a trap
I step onto the lawn, y’all jump out with the bag
I wake up in some alley on a wholly other plane
Can’t remember who I am or how to get back to the base
I realize you people think that I am off the deep end
I’ll say that it’s a lovely night regardless of the BS
It is, a perfect snow is freckling the path
It’s almost like the atmosphere is begging for a trap
The mutt goes quiet, one last sniff, lopes inside
Fine, it might’ve been a baby squirrel who tumbled from the nest
It’s probably just you motherfuckers missed