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Aesop Rock – Fixed and Dilated Lyrics

Fixed and Dilated Lyrics – Aesop Rock

Lyrics to «Fixed and Dilated»

House of cards and bent bars, hold up
Body parts that jump out that jar, hold up
The coven make a circle in the yard, hold up

It starts with a gambit from beyond
And a mile-long list of people I plan to haunt, hold up
Old heresy, headed for disembodiment
As rendered by an excerpt from the Lesser Key of Solomon, um
Evil see him as a vehicle to commandeer
2 fixed pupils, all he say is “Ian’s not here”
Pitch it down a octave, I’m a take this opportunity
To piss and vomit lava while the neck is lazy susan-ing
True abomination at the beckon of the nether
From the scales to the fin to the fur to the feather
I’m all of Animalia stitched together by a severed hand
Freed into the cold and told to bring us home a head in sand
Hit the brick In a ceremonial bone mask
Viper on his fingers speaking Latin, don’t ask
Crossroads bogey, I broker the deal first
I bag up a soul quick, I drag it between worlds, hold up

Only ever had a last nerve, hold up
Spirit box talking out of turn, hold up
Everyone’s a player at the purge, hold up

1, 2, undo a divine act
They don’t like it when I waltz in and turn wine back, hold up
Flying rats in a V over demon country
Organizing, but you probably draw the line at Easter Bunny
I’m beleaguered by the end if awake at the autopsy
In a state of grace, radiating sacred geometry
And oration, I’d recommend a cooler for the conjuring
Comfy shoes, and not to be a nuisance to the honoree
He’s probably got a hundred ways to gork y’all
Doesn’t need a chaperone to show him to the short straw
Orchestrate impious in compliance with the harvest moon
Crosses tend to somersault, bibles fly across the room
Audience are volunteered and sawed in two to fetch a laugh
I’m sorry for the awkward news, it doesn’t have a second half Superstition making room for true perdition
If you think it’s too elusive we can book a future visit, hold up

Fog at the foot of the expanse, hold up
Phantasmagoria wanna dance, hold up
Handful of crickets in the pan, hold up