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Aesop Rock – Sleeper Car Lyrics

Sleeper Car Lyrics – Aesop Rock

Bamboo shoots, Buddhas and removed shoes
Pugilism brewing over whose tuk-tuk’s whose
Moving through the super-moon with goonies off a distant block
And fugitives from Dusit Zoo, in pleasant moods until they’re not
Present mood a startling departure from the temple rules
Part of it’s the temperature, part of it’s the tentacles
AQI alarming, surgical masks marching
The durian got him gagging, the traffic is anarchy, um
Siam spy cam, try him in fire
I’m marigolds and Muay Thai into the eye of the tiger
I almost died on a scooter, I almost died on a boat
I figure fuck it, baby, come as you are and die as you go
North bound, Lopburi, where it’s humans: zero, monkeys: one
Humans fear the monkey won, get your mirrored sunnies run
Later watched a billion bats exploding out a mountain cave
Climbed a couple hundred feet to stare into the mouth and change
Descended a little different
Every atom individually cleansed and repositioned
That’s one unconventional exorcism for the kiddo
Hearts on his pillow, bars on the window
Bar band send it from John Denver to G-n-R
Midnight playing sardines to the sleeper car
13 hours, couldn’t sleep at all
Even eating weed it’s hard to catch a Z
Over all the sneeze and cough, jeez

I might never make it out
If I ever make it out send me back in
Got lost got found
Got a feeling I should lose it all again

OK, heaven is a humid room, it emulate a human womb
Everyday we celebrate a water birth in noodle soup
And cruise around as ronin trying to expedite a slow death
Playing chicken with a family of 5 on the same moped
Golden lotus that show off a pretty pantone
And grow in river water that’ll melt your fucking hand off
Damn, it’s funny ’cause I fake a smile too
People thinking you’re ok until you take ’em to the root
I’m a take ’em to the root, through insatiable depravity
And layers of abuse, down to radiate the truth
Ok, my homie said “I just got blessed by a monk”
I said “I got no frame of reference, god is dead where I’m from”
Still I been doing what I can to get these devils expunged
Lately it’s laying sugarcane across an elephant’s tongue
I’m wading out into the mud to scrub her belly and trunk
Brushing that yellow off her tusks, shit is better than drugs
It feels strange, hurdling emaciated strays
Even stranger days later when I’m no longer phased
Locals see a space garbage that fell from the interstellar
Trying to blend in with the smell of peppers, sweat and citronella – ella
Sore thumb in the hum of the helter-skelter
Rebels huffing through the temple run like Zelda’s in the cellar
Every L.D. call an awful omen
Excuse me while I walk into the ocean, like

I might never make it out
If I ever make it out send me back in
Got lost got found
Got a feeling I should lose it all again