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Lil Tracy – No Hook Lyrics

No Hook Lyrics – Lil Tracy

(808 Turn ’em up)
Let’s go, lets go

I get paid just to be me
Eating so good, I can’t shit, I’m so greedy
And my pockets they cheesy, (okay)
Hoes wanna fuck and my opps wanna be me, (okay, okay)
I just pulled up with two E’s
Goin’ a hunnid the Porche it got two seats, (skrt)
And I’m chillin’ with two freaks, got ’em tongue kissing in the jacuzzi

Check the shit we got all type of toolies
Nothin’ fake about none of my jewelry
Niggas snitching they work with the [?]
I got blue hunnids all in my safe
Ok, can’t take that lil bitch out on no dates
Baby girl please get the fuck out my face
Guess you could say I got rich nigga traits
I’m addicted diamonds, I keep mine in VV’s
Niggas be hating but nice when they see me
Don’t want no peace, I’m not signing no treaties
She be suckin’ my dick when I’m watching TV
I could cheat on that bitch and I bet she probably won’t leave me

Opps got me high, out my mind right now
I’m tryna find my limit nigga I’m tryna hit it
I’m tilted, why the fuck he think he can speak with a elite, pete
Let him know its [?]
Don’t hit my phone [?] about business
They in they bag cause I’m gifted
Nah I ain’t [?] nigga I ain’t signing shit
But still might be home before Christmas
Heard a nigga say that I was broke, come and fix it
Its 23 on my shoes got nothing to due with tennis
I’m in Beverly Hills I’m so use to the [?]
They say I belong to the trenches
Nah this ain’t blood on my shoes this shit crystals
Why you ask me I ain’t [?]
No I keep me a XD no Disney
Nah can’t fuck with them, these niggas iffy
Nah, can’t get on my song niggas bitchin’
30 percent, [?] song you be snitchin’
I know all along how I’m feeling
Knowin’ me I’ma give it my all till I get it
They know how the fuck I’ma pull up and shit with my entourage
Bitch its a almighty business
Them gangsters be geekin’ up, poppin’ a percy they say we almighty trippin’

They say we almighty
They say we almighty
They say we almighty trippin’, ay