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Respire – To Our Dead Friends Lyrics

To Our Dead Friends Lyrics – Respire

if you’re alone and still screaming
is it fear that finds you under tranquil tides
is it bliss that binds you to watching yourself

fall apart

cursed to repeat, as the currents drag us

lights out, lights out (for all our dreams of painlessness)

strung out, strung out (we lose ourselves in our despair)

I’m drowning, so lost to the high
so lost to the lows I’m
not found at all

I know we’re trying

I know, the ending comes too fast and all at once
I know, we lost this fight so many times before

alone (they want us)
alone (to fall)
alone (we climb out into the night)

together (they hear us)
together (they fall)
together (we climb out into the light)

to all our dead friends lost to stars you shined so bright
they couldn’t see you yet they’re so blinded by the fight
the world’s a desperate place we’re not built for all the light
you dreamt life could shine softly at night…